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Love HolidayAKASunny LoveCEO and Founder

Love Holiday
Sunny Love
CEO and Founder

Everyone knows I looooovvvveeeee music….. But one thing few know about me is my passion for fashion!  Being able to style my avatar any way I want and not have to look like everyone else was one of the main reasons I came to Second Life (SL).  Over my eight years in SL, I have witnessed fashion’s evolution and the rising cost for high quality items.  When I left SL for 2 years and came back, I couldn’t believe the increase in the quality of skins, hair, and shoes.  However, while quality increased, so did the prices.  I was so happy when I stumbled upon stores like The Dressing Room.  It gave me a chance to shop with my diva instincts and not break the bank.  I vowed then that I would one day provide another avenue to newcomers, people returning to the game, or anyone else that wanted to express themselves through fashion but didn’t have many funds to do so.  Now Fashionably Frugal is here

Contact me at:




Oriana Robertson  Vice President/Interior Designer

Oriana Robertson
Vice President/Interior Designer

Oriana Robertson is a fantastic interior designer.  A veteran to SL, she’s been on the grid for many years and decided to design professionally in 2006.  Her designs are unique and full of energy and are clearly the result of her positive approach as her signature style suggests: bold colors, a layering of textures, new and old (vintage, antique, retro, or contemporary), and whimsical detailing with a touch of kitsch. Oriana specializes in residential interiors and has earned a reputation for having an exceptional eye for design and a deep commitment to outstanding personal service.  The spaces she designs are not only eye catching, they are well-functioning.  She has the ability to take her clients’ visions and translate them into a space that is chic and innovative.  Her clients can always expect

…well-functioning, spacious rooms

…calm, earthy, palettes

…abundance of natural light

…and an “any space can be beautiful” point of view.

Check out some of Oriana’s work her:

You may contact Oriana In Second Life.


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