Moving update 2

Whoa…it is cold out there! Luckily the Frugal Team has been too busy decorating and making plans to notice. As the days grow colder we have been keeping warm from the pure delight of having things fall in to place.

Since the holiday season is here and most people prefer to spend that time with family and friends, we have decided to hold off on all rounds until after the holidays. We still have a couple booths open! So, if you are interested in being in our reopening round and would like a tour of the store please contact Love holiday or fill out our designer app here:     Serious Inquirers only!

Moving to our new store front home on the Brazyville sim, has been wonderful. We would like to thank the staff at Brazyville for making us feel at home. Please keep watching our blog for updates and sneak peeks of the fabulous new Fashionably Frugal look.

We would also like to thank Living Moments Studios for the wonderful  custom artwork she created for our store.  You can view her gallery and pricelist here:


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