Fashionably Frugal Sample Sale Store Front Sneak Peek 1

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Work done by Oriana Robertson

Work done by Oriana Robertson

For a little over a week construction has been under way at the Fashionably Frugal’s sample sale store front. The frugal team has been blessed with the opportunity to work with Second Life’s interior design extraordinary Oriana Robertson. Ms. Robertson is known for her attention to detail, popular chic style, and the ability to add a touch of class to each project.

When asked what her inspiration was for the store design, Oriana had this to say: “My inspiration for the store design came from my love of all things vintage. I really like 60’s Mod style fashion and furniture. I couldn’t wait to try it in a space in second life so I jumped at the chance to do it for Fashionably Frugal. I am really happy with how it turned out.” And so are we Oriana so are we!!!

More sneak peeks are set to come, leading up to the Grand Opening NOW tentatively July 27th. We are still looking for designer. If interested you may fill out the designer application online here:

Or contact Love Holiday inworld.


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